Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maine Wedding Vendors: Road Trip to Creativity

I was approached at the end of September by Brea McDonald of Brea McDonald Photography to be involved in a fall photo shoot at Clark's Cove Farm in Walpole, Maine. Brea, along with Meagan Gilpatrick of Maine Seasons Events and Sara Fitzgerald O’Brien of Griffin-vites watercolor stationary started these "Maine four seasons" themed photos shoots with the idea that they would be able to flex their creative muscles without the constraints of a typical wedding day. For those of us in the wedding business, we learn all too quick that we must sometimes compromise our own creative vision with that of the bride.

For this fall shoot, Meagan packed up her newly restored Shasta Astroflyte camper, and we all headed to the beautiful orchard. It was interesting to watch these fellow wedding vendors work together. The table settings and ceremony site turned out amazing, and Brea's photos speak for themselves! I just had to incorporate some of them into the video!

I'm so happy that Brea, Meagan and Sara asked me to tag along and film the "behind the scenes" of the event. Enjoy!